The Unified Menu is preinstalled and easily accessible from the bottom, left and right sides of the ActivPanel’s screen. The Unified Menu provides quick access to Classroom Essential apps, the Locker and Sources.

1. BACK: The Back button returns you to the previous screen.

2. LOCKER: The Locker is a personal space for you to access Apps and Settings.

3. USER: User allows you to access, create, modify, and add security to user profile settings.

4. HOME: The Home button returns you to the home screen from any application.

5. WHITEBOARD: The Whiteboard app is an instant whiteboard with several annotation tools, math tools, concept maps, infinite space, and the ability to turn any content into a collaborative activity with our multi-user mode.

6. CAPTURE: Capture takes a snapshot of the current screen. Use it in its entirety, or crop it to best meet your needs. The image opens in Whiteboard for interaction with all of the Whiteboard tools.

7. ANNOTATE: The Annotate app floats on top of any device connected to your ActivPanel, providing you the ability to annotate on top of anything.

8. SOURCE: Source allows you to quickly access devices that are connected to your ActivPanel.

9. SCREEN SHARE: Screen Share allows any device (iPad, Chromebook, smart phone, laptop, etc.) to mirror to your ActivPanel.

10. RECENT APPS: Navigating between most recently used apps is simple. Select Recent Apps and choose the app you would like to interact with.