Dual User is a feature that can be enabled in ActivInspire, to allow two users to work on the whiteboard at the same time when using 100 Series, 300 Series, 500 Series and 2nd Generation ActivBoards.

From ActivInspire v2.13, this feature is also available when using ActivPanel 5 onwards.

NB: Dual User is not supported with models of ActivPanel prior to the ActivPanel 5.

To enable the Dual User function, launch ActivInspire, go to Tools and select Dual User.

The information below explains how to use Dual User depending on your hardware.

ActivPanel 5 onwards

ActivPanel 6 86” only: Use the blue pen for the teacher and the metallic grey pen for the student. Other sizes: Use pen input for the teacher and touch input for the student. To check which version of ActivPanel you are using, please consult article 1477.

300 Pro and 500 Pro ActivBoards

Use the Teacher and Student ActivPens.