Your ActivPanel Nickel allows the panel owner to create new user profiles. This feature improves the workflow and enables more secure multi-user functionality on the panel. This can be handy if you are sharing your ActivPanel with colleagues, or for instances in which you have a guest teacher or substitute.
To access user accounts, select the Unified Menu, then tap User. In this case, it says Owner underneath, but different users may be created.

Select the settings gear icon. Select You (Owner) to change the Owner’s name. Select the avatar to change the Owner’s picture.

To add a new user, tap +Add user. You will be prompted with a short message. Tap OK. Each new user will need to set up their profile by selecting Set Up Now.

The New User is now signed in. The Owner icon in the Unified Menu now reads “New User.” Select New User, then tap the settings gear icon. You may modify the name and image.

To switch profiles, select the Unified Menu, tap User, then select Sign Out. This returns you to the Sign-In Screen. Within the Owner’s profile, select the Unified Menu, tap User, then the settings gear icon to manage user profiles, including adding new users or deleting users.