If you would like to change the wallpaper on your ActivPanel, or restore the default background after a firmware upgrade, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the Unified Menu and tap on the Locker icon on the dock to display your apps.
  2. Tap the Settings apps.
    • NB: If the Settings app is not visible, please contact your IT technician as they may have locked access.
  3. Select Display, then Wallpaper.
  4. Tap Wallpapers or Live Wallpapers.

Static Wallpapers

Tap My photos to choose a saved wallpaper or select one of the images at the bottom.

Tap Set wallpaper at the top to replace the current wallpaper.

Live Wallpapers

From firmware version 4.3 onwards, the ActivPanel Titanium and the ActivPanel Titanium Pro support wallpaper apps with a single live wallpaper.

Please note that live wallpapers may affect the speed and performance of the ActivPanel.

Select one of the installed live wallpaper apps.

Tap Set wallpaper at the top.

Select Home screen or Home screen and lock screen.